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HEINE designs and manufactures a full range of high-quality primary examination instruments for various medical specialties.


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Otoscopes & Opthalmoscopes

A HEINE otoscope's most outstanding feature: durability.

Heine Dermatoscopes

Heine invented the first dermatoscope in 1989 and are still a world leader today. And in 2019, to mark Heine's 30th anniversary, they've introduced two new hand-held instruments for dermatoscopy/dermoscopy: The mobile DELTAone and the high-end dermatoscope DELTA 30.

The HEINE DELTA 30 is the best of the best. It offers the largest field of view and optimum image quality at virtually any working distance. The DELTAone is recommended for practitioners who switch between different examination rooms - since its compact dimensions and low weight make the DELTAone suitable for any pocket.

There are many otoscopes on the market. But is there a better one?

A HEINE otoscope's most outstanding feature: durability.

Quality instruments from HEINE are no coincidence. They are the result of continuous research and development work.
They've started this 75 years ago - and they won't stop now.

Every single process in Heine's production facilities is carefully thought out. And is being improved all the time. With a single goal: to create products that last as long as you expect them to. Only longer.

Buy a HEINE Ophthalmoscope

What type and model of ophthalmoscope you use will always be determined by your specific requirements - whether you are a veterinarian, an audiologist, a paediatrician or an ENT specialist.

Criteria such as light intensity, focus, level of detail and authentic colour rendering are decisive. But robustness, high precision and reliability are also essential features that should be taken into account when buying an ophthalmoscope.

So even before you make a purchase, you should find out comprehensive information to make sure you choose your ideal instrument.

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