Bundle: Heine Mini3000 Led F.O. Diagnostic Set with Desk Charger + 3M Littmann Classic III Grey Stethoscope

Compact otoscope with especially bright illumination and authentic colour rendering due to LEDHQ (no need to ever exchange the LED). Exclusive design. Sturdy housing. Always close to hand. Available in black or blue. It is impossible to get much more in such a small housing.

*On sale while stocks last.

  • Intuitive operability
  • Detailed view
  • Flexible power source options

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Heine Mini3000 Led F.O. Diagnostic Set with Desk Charger is now bundled with a 3M Littmann Classic III Grey Stethoscope (5621) With Premium Case!

1. Intuitive operability

  • Always close to hand with practical attachment clip
  • Switches off automatically as soon as it is clipped to the pocket
  • Easy instrumentation. Viewing window fixed and can be swivelled to the side
  • Pneumatic eardrum testing by means of an integrated insufflation port
  • Sturdy and non-slip due to a high-quality handle housing

2. Detailed view

  • High-resolution images, minimal reflection
  • 3x magnification
  • Natural colour rendering
  • Even and reflex-free illumination due to fiber optic technology
  • Particularly bright due to LEDHQ

3. Flexible power source options

  • Rechargeable battery: with mini NT table charger
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Operating time of typically 10 hours: Fewer battery changes, rechargeable batteries last longer

Practical and expandable with other mini 3000 instrument heads.

See the product brochure here.

3M Littmann Classic III Grey Stethoscope

The Classic III stethoscope is used by students and medical professionals alike to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, and other body sounds for physical assessment, patient monitoring, and diagnosis.

Tunable diaphragm technology—a 3M invention—lets clinicians hear different frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure on the chest piece. Hold the chest piece with light pressure to hear low-frequency sounds; press a little more to hear higher-frequency sounds. This time-saving feature allows the healthcare provider to focus on the patient, while the non-chill diaphragm provides the patient comfort.

Headset tension is easily adjusted for head size and comfort by squeezing together or pulling apart the ear tubes. Snap-tight, soft-sealing ear tips conform to individual ears for an excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fit. Eartips snap firmly onto the ends of the ear tubes and, for safety, require a significant effort to remove them.

Resilient next-generation tubing retains its shape and flexibility even after folding tightly into a pocket. It provides longer stethoscope life due to improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol, and is less likely to pick up stains. Next-generation tubing is not made with natural rubber latex, which benefits sensitive medical professionals and their patients. And, to play its part in the protection of human health and the environment, the next-generation tubing does not contain phthalate plasticizers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Monitor and assess a wide range of patients
  • Detect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms
  • Useful in non-critical care environments such as a medical office, general ward, OB/GYN, ambulatory clinic or urgent care
  • 5-year warranty
  • Fun and vibrant; match colour and finish to your personality
  • Designed for use with adult and pediatric patients
  • Tunable, dual-sided stainless steel chestpiece with open or closed bell
  • Non-chill bell sleeve for greater patient comfort
  • Soft-sealing ear-tips provide optimal comfort and excellent sound occlusion
  • Suggested Applications: General Physical Assessment and Diagnosis

Littmann Classic III Stethothoscope Specifications:

  • Applications: Physical Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Binaural Construction: Single lumen
  • Chestpiece Finish: Copper, High Polish, Machined stainless steel, Matte, Mirror
  • Chestpiece Technology: Double-sided
  • Chestpiece Weight: 82 g
  • Diaphragm Material: Epoxy/Fiberglass
  • Eartip Type: Soft Sealing
  • Headset Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Most Significant Environmental Benefit: 3M™ Littmann® next-generation tubing is not made with natural rubber latex, and does not contain phthalate plasticizers.‎
  • Net Weight (Metric): 150 g
  • Overall Length (Metric): 69 cm, 69 mm
  • Performance: 8

Here’s what makes the Classic III stethoscope stand out:

Review the Littmann Stethoscopes Comparison Chart before you decide:

littmann comparison chart

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Bundle: Heine Mini3000 Led F.O. Diagnostic Set with Desk Charger + 3M Littmann Classic III Grey Stethoscope
£544.72 ex VAT £653.66 inc VAT
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