Face Shield (Single, 10, 100 or 500)

As low as 12 cent per visor!

A disposable foam face shield visor assembly with elastic strap. Designed to protect the face from splashes and droplets of blood and other body fluids. Also prevents contamination through eyes, nose and the mouth, whilst providing clear vision to the user and helping to prevent the spread of diseases.

Special Prices:

  • Single: €0.56
  • Pack of 10: €0.50 each
  • Pack of 100: €0.28 each
  • Pack of 500: €0.16 each


Shipping 1-2 Business Days

Trading for over 25 Years

Face Shield

• Double sided peel off protective layers to prevent scratches

• Light, ergonomic design
• Clear PVC, no colour distortion
• Suitable for use with glasses
• Protection for mouth, nose and eyes
• Single use
• Comfortable foam head cushion for head stability
• Anti-fog


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Face Shield (Single, 10, 100 or 500)
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