Men’s Cotton Washable Incontinence Boxer – White

ProtechDry® is a brand with a unique product worldwide. This is the only cotton underwear specially created for urine leakage, being ultra-absorbent, anti-odor and washable. These are not pads or diapers, but underwear. View the size chart


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‘- Highwaisted Panties for light to moderate incontinence and urine loss
– Capacity to absorb up to 60 ml/day
– Washable and reusable
– Patented technology- Class I medical device
– Made in Portugal

Composition: 95% cotton + 5% elastane. View the size chart

Developed with a patented technology, this underwear has a special absorption zone, antiallergic, super thin, that absorbs losses of urine and eliminates the odor without leaving the urine in contact with the skin.

In 2017, ProtechDry® range was awarded with the Five Star Award in the incontinence category, achieving a rating of over 8 on experimentation satisfaction. We have for you a product that is 100% underwear and allows you to lead a normal life and maintain your self esteem.

100% Efficiency In The Absorption Of Liquids
Total absorption and liquid transfer (100% efficacy up to 90 ml in the case of men and 60 ml in the case of women) to the inner layers, while keeping the layer in contact with the skin completely dry.

Full Neutralisation of Odours
Immediate and full complete neutralisation of odours associated with urine (ammonia) and genital secretions when compared with a sample of normal fibres.


The ProtechDry® patented technology has been tested by different accredited institutions. Laboratory tests have confirmed the efficacy of ProtechDry® in terms of liquid absorption and complete neutralisation of odours.

Four-layer absorbent area exclusive to ProtechDry®, can retain up to 90 ml of liquid without any contact between the urine and the skin.

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Men’s Cotton Washable Incontinence Boxer – White
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