Koolpak Team Sports First Aid Kit

Introducing Sports Team First Aid Kit, the ultimate companion for any sports team, regardless of skill level. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide essential first aid care for minor injuries, ensuring players can stay in the game with confidence. Packed with a wide range of medical supplies including bandages, dressings, plasters, gloves, and ice packs, this kit is perfect for individuals with minimal first aid knowledge.

Approved by County Football Associations across the UK and endorsed by the Rugby Football League, our Sports Team First Aid Kit is a trusted choice for sports teams everywhere. With dimensions of 39 x 28 x 19cm and a comprehensive content list, it’s the perfect solution for any sports-related medical needs.


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Key Features:

  • This first aid kit is ideal for any sports team playing at any level
  • The bag comes complete with all the first aid contents needed to treat minor injuries
  • Ideal for use by anyone with minimal First Aid knowledge
  • Contents include – Crepe Bandages, Sterile Dressings, Plasters, Gloves and Ice Packs
  • Supplied in a quality, water-resistant touchline bag which has ample space to carry all your medical supplies
  • Approved by County Football Associations throughout the UK
  • Endorsed by the Rugby Football League governing body the RFL
  • Bag size – 39 x 28 x 19cm

Content List

  • Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes x 10
  • Conforming Bandage – 7.5cm x 4m x 1
  • Crepe Bandage – 5cm x 4.5m x 2
  • Crepe Bandage – 7.5cm x 4.5m x 1
  • First Aid Guidance Leaflet x 1
  • Foil Blanket x 1
  • Gauze Swabs x 5
  • Low Adherent Dressing – 5cm x 5cm x 1
  • Low Adherent Dressing – 10cm x 10cm x 1
  • Microporous Tape – 1.25 x 5m x 1
  • Washproof Plasters Assorted Sizes x 20
  • Resuscitation Face Shield x 1
  • Safety Pins x 6
  • Scissors x 1
  • Self Seal Waste Bags x 2
  • Instant Ice Pack x 2
  • Sterile Dressing – Medium x 1
  • Sterile Dressing – Large x 1
  • Sterile Eye Pad x 1
  • Triangular Bandage x 2
  • Vinyl Gloves – Pair x 2
  • Zinc Oxide Tape – 2.5cm x 5m x 1
  • Zinc Oxide Tape – 5cm x 5m x 1
  • Touchline Bag x 1

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Koolpak Team Sports First Aid Kit
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