Ambu Man Airway Wireless

Adult-sized training manikin that provide an optimal lifelike representation of the human anatomy.


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Mechanical instrument gives you instant feedback on ventilation volume, stomach inflation, chest compression depth in mm and wrong hand position.

Make intubation possible with ET tube, Guedel, Laryngeal Mask and combi-tube.

PC connection of Ambu CPR Software Kit, Ambu CPR Printer or USB Interface.

Ambu Airway man includes torso with hooks for arms, supplied in track suit jacket, training mat and carrying bag.

Size: 80 x 35 cm

Weight: 13 kg

Technical Specifications

  • Mouth to Mouth ventilation: NON
  • Mouth to nose ventilation: NON
  • Bag-valve-mask ventilation: YES
  • Use of Guedel airways: YES
  • Airway management: Et tube, laryngeal tube & mask and other SGAs: YES
  • Jaw-thrust manoeuvre: YES
  • Gastric insufflation: YES
  • Ambu hygiene system: NON
  • Chest compression: YES
  • Max compression depth: 7 cm
  • Max insufflation: 1.2 litres
  • Hand position display: YES
  • Infinitely adjustable chest stiffness: YES
  • Pulse: manual
  • Placement of defibrillation electrodes: YES
  • Defibrillation: NON
  • I.V. access (need IV trainer 34041): optional
  • Wireless CPR software: YES
  • ECG display: NON
  • Carrying bag: YES
  • Weight: 13 Kg


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Ambu Man Airway Wireless
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