Guardian Projet 101 Ear Irrigator (Includes 10 Tips)

The Guardian Projet Ear Irrigator has been updated and improved. The new design increases the safety, comfort and effectiveness of ear canal cleaning by utilising its gentle, pulsating cyclone wash. Every design aspect has been repeatedly tested clinically and readjusted until the best results have been achieved.


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Pulsatile Ear Irrigator

  • Designed by senior ENT specialist team with over 100,000 ear treatment experiences.
  • A must have for GPs, family physicians, hearing aid specialists, and ENT specialists.

Improves visualation of auditory canal during irrigation. Average diameter only 2.7mm.

Key Features:

  • safely divert stream away from eardrum
  • Gentle on ear canal
  • Effective pulsating cyclone wash
  • Suitable for kids
  • Foot pedal for convenient hands-free operation
  • Very simple to operate
  • Smart protection with auto shut off
  • Quiet operation promoting noise reduction Improved pulsating frequency

Best for

  • Earwax
  • Ear discharge
  • Otomycosis
  • Foreign bodies in the ear canal (hair, sand, etc.)

Recommended accessories

  • Foot pedal
  • Ear Dryer
  • Ear Wash Basin
  • Ear Tip

To enhance performance and cleaning efficiency, revised features include:

Ear Irrigation kit consists of:

  • Irrigator machine
  • Water dispensing handle
  • Water reservoir
  • 10 ear irrigation tips
  • Mains transformer
  • Foot switch


  • Power: 240V, 60Hz
  • Static pressure: 0.25 – 3 bar maximum
  • Working time: 2 – 3 mins for 500cc
  • Continuous usage: 5 mins
  • Reservoir: 500ml
  • Pressure: 860 – 1060 hpa

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Guardian Projet 101 Ear Irrigator (Includes 10 Tips)
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